Medcor Pharmaceuticals

Since its start in 2000 in the Netherlands, Medcor Pharmaceuticals has become a dependable wholesaler of parallel-imported, branded pharmaceuticals.
In recent years our export activities have lead to an extensive clientbase throughout the European Union.

Clients can rely on a trustworthy and flexible approach. The level of professionalism within Medcor is partly due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of importing and exporting branded pharmaceuticals.

Medcor is able to act on the needs of our client immediately, providing a fast and effective services. An approach that is supported by our entire team!

The Medcor approach

Medcor is characterised by a no-nonsense mentality and a flat organisation structure. Because of this decisions can be made quickly and we can respond to market changes promptly. We are able to quickly identify and exploit market...

Dependable, Flexible, Competitively-priced

Medcor Pharmaceuticals has managed to establish itself as a reliable partner for its customers through the years. The flexible and dynamic attitude ensures a constant drive for innovation. Within…


The Dutch healthcare market is characterized by increasing complexity and a great social importance to keep the costs within manageable. Medcor contributes to this by offering…


On this page you will find all the products which are currently available through Medcor Pharmaceuticals. Each product comes with a detailed description. Should you have any questions…

Stork livestream

In the Netherlands the stork is a strong symbol for prosperity and birth. At Medcor we are very pleased to have a pair of storks breading next to our office building.