Fisher Farma | Cooperation Mosadex Groep and Medcor Group

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter we inform you about the following. On October 28, 2016, a letter of intent was signed by the representatives of Mosadex Groep and Medcor Group. This letter of intent states that Mosadex Groep will increase its shareholding in Medcor Group.


Both Medcor Group and Fisher Farma, a subsidiary of Mosadex Groep, are active in the field of import and export of medicines, OTC, diagnostics and medical devices. Both companies will continue to operate in the market as separate enterprises.


The intended transaction will result in an expanded network in the European Union for the joint enterprise, which will increase its sourcing potential and reliability of delivery.


Combined management of Fisher Farma and Medcor Group will be formed by Patrick Sturkenboom (chair), Chris Piket and Ydo van Veenendaal. Your contacts with Fisher Farma and Medcor Group will remain unchanged.